Kenneth Mace Brown

maceMace's career in financial services spans more than 30 thirty years. A certified financial consultant and underwriter, he advises clients on retirement and investment planning. Recently, Mace turned his love of fossils into a one-of-a-kind exhibit at the College of Charleston.

The  Mace Brown  Natural History  Museum at the College of Charleston's School  of Sciences and  Mathematics opened in 2013 and  includes more than  1,500 rare fossil specimens from  Mace's  personal collection.

Since its establishment, the Museum has attracted scientists from the Smithsonian National Natural History Museum, and researchers from around the world have used the collection as part of international research publications. Best College Reviews recently ranked the Museum as one of the top 30 College Natural History Museums.  Mace recently increased the College's collection with a second gift of fossils.  In addition, he remains actively involved with the museum by providing museum tours and teaching lab courses as a Faculty Affiliate.

Mace graduated from North Carolina State University and previously served on the board of The Charleston Museum. He and his wife, Chris, have two children and reside in Mount Pleasant. Their son, Will, graduated from the College of Charleston School of Business in 2007.