Michael J. Auerbach Award for Excellence in Student Research Mentorship

This award was created in honor of Dean Emeritus Michael J. Auerbach, Chair of the Department of Biology (1996-2000) and Dean of the School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (2010-2018,) who strongly believed in providing students with opportunities to conduct hands-on research projects with the ultimate goal of presenting at professional meetings and/or being published in a peer-reviewed journal.

This award shall be given to a faculty member demonstrating a sustained track record of mentoring student research over a three-year time period. The selection will be made by a committee of faculty members. Nominations should consist of a statement on behalf of the faculty mentor that includes a list of student mentees, research project titles, publications, conference proceedings, poster presentations, awards, etc.

The award, consisting of a plaque and a monetary gift pending the availability of funding, is presented to the recipient at the School’s spring picnic.

Recipients include:

2019 Jennifer Fox, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
2019 Sorinel Oprisan, Department of Physics and Astronomy
2019 Dinesh Sarvate, Department of Mathematics
2020 John Chadwick, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
2020 Matthew Rutter, Department of Biology
2020 Marcello Forconi, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
2021 Timothy Barker, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
2021 Norman Levine, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
2022 Heather Fullerton, Department of Biology
2023 Courtney Murren, Department of Biology