Instructions for SSME Vehicle Use

Instructions for SSME Vehicle use
(Vehicle used for official College of Charleston business only)

Updated 01/03/2023


To reserve a vehicle for College business please contact Maria Philpot, SSME Business Manager.


  • Cost is $100.00 a day plus mileage @ $.50/mile.
  • Complete a Travel Authorization Once your TA has been signed by the Department Chair, please forward to the Dean's office. This TA number will be used to bill your department for use.
  • If you intend to use a vehicle for multiple field trips over the course of a semester, you can complete a "blanket TA" for all trips. List the beginning and end date of the semester and in the area designated for "Business Purpose of trip" list the individual dates that you intend to use a vehicle.


  • As defined by the College of Charleston Vehicle Use Policy, authorized drivers must complete such safety training as may be deemed appropriate by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. If you have not completed such training, contact Maria Philpot.
  • As a courtesy to other drivers, please return vehicles with at least a half tank of gas. If you purchase gas, turn in the receipt when you return the keys.
  • You can pick up the keys to the van(s) you are assigned Monday-Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm. If you plan to leave early in the morning, you can arrange to get the keys a day early. If you return after normal business hours, keys can be returned through the night slot at the rear of the Dean's office.
  • Three (3) Vans are parked in AD parking lot on Pitt Street, and one (1) van is parked behind SSMB. View a campus map.


  • Vehicle mileage must be reported to the South Carolina Budget and Control Board each month.
  • Please be sure you fill in your beginning and ending mileage as well as the name of the driver, the number of passengers, and your destination.


Questions and concerns can be directed to Maria Philpot at 3-7806 or by email,