Additional Programs




Urban Garden and Composting

The Urban Garden and Composting programs serve as opportunities to explore and practice permaculture principles and other restorative growing practices. We aim to educate and empower students and the community to take action by beautifying spaces and growing food through model gardens throughout the campus and through our in-house composting program. Creating compost from the campus's waste stream requires our team and community to acknowledge the importance of a closed-loop system in an urban setting.  Re-routing these waste materials in a creative and manageable way contributes to the sustainability of not only these programs, but for our community as well.  

In each garden, we experiment with different restorative agriculture techniques, reducing capital and resource inputs, while benefiting from large ecological outputs. By demonstrating the abundant benefits that come from these practices, we have cultivated healthy soils, habitats and food for pollinators, a balanced bug population, bountiful crops, and much more!  Check the web pages at CofC Composts or Urban Garden for more information on each garden or details on composting.