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 Downtown Student Gardens

Managed and operated by the Masters of Environmental Studies Program 


As you walk through the historic and beautiful College of Charleston campus, you will find three modest, but thriving, student gardens. These gardens are managed by CofC undergraduate and graduate students and provide a variety of different food outlets and learning opportunities to both our students and our Charleston Community. Below is a map of our in-house composting site and gardens found across campus.  Each garden is site specific, and aims to highlight certain aspects of sustainable agriculture and social sustainability, depending on the needs of the immediate community. All food grown in these garden spaces is donated or available to harvest. Click here to find out more.

Pollinator Garden (7 College Way Garden)

abundant leafy garden with bamboo trellis in back against building and bamboo teepee

Nestled against the Women and Gender Studies department lies the 7 College Way Garden.  This garden design incorporates elements of forest gardening by intentionally planting crops of varying heights (i.e. canopy layer, groundcover, etc.) and ecological functions (i.e. nitrogen fixation) alongside one another. This garden space is used to also highlight water usage and houses our 500 gallon water catchment system. It is not ideal to water edible foods with water that is housed in a water catchment system due to the potential of bacteria so this garden space is dedicated strictly to native pollinators. A hidden swing shaded by vines offers a peaceful resting spot for enjoying the abundance of the 7 College Way Garden.

Herb Garden at Political Science Garden (114 Wentworth St)

3 raised beds

The courtyard nestled between two CofC buildings on the corner of Coming St. and Wentworth St. is a quiet open space centered around three large wooden beds teaming with life. This garden is devoted to herbs and spices. Activities in the courtyard garden on the corner of Wentworth St. and Coming St. include herbal and kitchen planting. Here you can find herbs such as sage, mint, dill, parsley, lavender and also other great plants that can be quickly harvested and used in the kitchen like sweet and spicy peppers.

Warren Place Garden (Warren Place Parking Lot)

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WP is our largest garden on-campus. Home to vegetable production beds, banana trees, herbs, flowers, and our beloved compost worms! Our goal is to transform this space into an outdoor education center where students, staff and faculty can reap its harvest and enjoy its beauty. CofC community members are welcome to bring their home compost to the WP composting bin.