Information for Authors

2021 - Contents


Important Dates -UPDATED due to 4/2-4/3 IT email disruption-

Tuesday, April 6: Deadline to Submit Abstracts and Presentation Videos

Monday, April 12: Research Presentations Available on SSM's YouTube Channel

Wednesday, April 21: Judges submit Departmental "Best of" awards

Thursday, April 22 @ 4:00pm: Synchronous Zoom meeting for Departmental Best presentations; Announce awards and overall "Best of the Best" winner



This event is a showcase of undergraduate research in the College of Charleston School of Sciences and Mathematics. At least one author must be an undergraduate student in SSM programs at the College of Charleston during the conduct of the research.  The research itself must be within disciplines under the Sciences and Mathematics program umbrella, including the neuroscience program.


Departments will select Best Presentations in advance, from their disciplines.  Department winners will be announced during the Zoom research session on Thursday, April 22. The departmental 'best' winners will convene at 4:00 that afternoon on Zoom to give a short presentation of their work and take a few questions.  Then we will select the "Best of the Best" winner.  Other faculty, College Trustees and perhaps others will be invited to the Best of the Best presentations.

How To Enter

Entry Deadline: Tuesday, April 6th by 11:59 pm.  Entries must come directly from a student, not from faculty.   In a nutshell here is what an entry needs to contain: title, authors, department, contact information for at least one author, an abstract of the research (150 word limit), and a URL to where the video file of your research presentation may be downloaded. These details must be in the body of a plain text email, NOT as an attachment. As a matter of professional courtesy, please make sure all authors approve the presentation before you submit it.  Alterations to entries after the entry has been submitted will not be accepted.   Late entries may be accepted at the organizer's whim.

Here is a simple checklist to consult before you submit your abstract. Follow these instructions exactly or your abstract may not be accepted.

1) Abstract and Video Submission deadline: Tuesday, April 6th by 11:59 pm.  Late entries and alterations to entries after the abstract has been submitted will not be accepted.  

2) Your entry must be in the body of a plain text email, NOT as an attachment.  Please use the following subject line for your email: SSM Poster Session - [Your Last Name, First Initial]

3) Entries must come directly from a student email, not from faculty.  

4) Make sure all authors are listed and that your faculty mentor is one of the authors.  As a matter of professional courtesy, please make sure all authors approve the abstract before you submit it. 

5) There is a 150 word limit for your abstract.

6) Your email entry needs to contain: special instructions, contact info, title, authors, department, abstract, and URL to where the video may be downloaded. Do not put references in the abstract. Please do not use all caps for titles. 

7) Before the abstract in your email (clearly separate from the abstract), make a note if you need special text features, such as bold, italic, superscript2, subscript2, or Greek letters (μ, α, β, τ...), and I can format these when I put them on the web.

8) Also before the abstract, include a telephone number and an email address for at least one author, so I can contact you if necessary.

9) Make sure all affiliations (Departments) are unambiguously listed.

10) Use names consistently.  Same author, different presentations, different names: e.g. Jon Smith, Jonathan Smith,  Smith, J.R.  Are they the same person, or not?  Authors should use a consistent professional name in publications.

11) The URL to your research presentation video. Remember to format hosting settings so that I can download the video from the site which hosts it. I will then upload all research videos to SSM's YouTube account

12) When I have posted your entry to the web site I will email you.


Sample Entry    (send as a plain text email to Jason Vance)

Subject: SSM Poster Session - Berwick, F

Dr. Vance,
Below is our abstract and a link to the video of our research presentation.
NOTE: please italicize "Where's My Planet" and "Stats-R-Us," use the Greek letter for the word "alpha," and make X^2 into X-squared with a superscript 2.

phone: 900-555-1212


The Effect of Saturn's Position on Birth Weight 

Ferd Berwick, Edwin Moses and Leroy Brown, Department of Astrology

The position of the planet Saturn was determined for 253 births recorded at St. Luigi's Hospital during the year 2014. The time of birth listed on the birth certificate was used in conjunction with the planetary motion program Where's My Planet to ascertain the relative positions of the infant and the planet Saturn. A correlation analysis of the birth weights and the position of Saturn was performed using the statistical program Stats-R-Us to determine the alpha-parameter and X^2. The results of the analysis indicate that birth weight is unrelated to the position of Saturn.


Video URL:


Making a Research Video

A URL for your research presentation video must be included with your submission e-mail. Presentation videos must be no longer than 5 minutes, and must be in a format acceptable for upload to SSM's YouTube account (.MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, WebM, DNxHR, ProRes, CineForm, h265). The service hosting your video (i.e. VoiceThread, Google, DropBox, etc.) must allow your video to be downloaded. 

Presentations should generally mirror an oral presentation using PowerPoint, but with voiceover commentary for each slide. This may be accomplished by recording audio comments on each slide in PowerPoint, or using the "Record Slide Show" function to synchronize slide transitions while recording your audio narrative, and then saving the presentation as a video (.mpeg4). Alternatively, you may upload slides to VoiceThread and record an audio narrative for each slide, or record the presentation on Zoom.

You are welcome to use fixed graphics to present your data or animations to illustrate a process; however, keep in mind the limited time you have (5 min) to introduce your research, describe the experiment(s), present and discuss the results. Authors are expected to maintain high professional standards, to take this event seriously, and produce a high quality product for this public event. 

Please consider the following resources when creating your presentation:


Event Details

On Monday, April 12: the research presentations will be published on the SSM YouTube account. Abstacts and links to the presentations, sorted by author, will be available on the SSM Poster Session website. This will begin a 10-day period where your advisors, professors and peers can view your presentation, and leave questions or feedback in the Comments section. We encourage that you check and respond to these Comments to facilitate the "dialog" that you would otherwise experience in a synchronous or in-person environment. This asynchronous 'Q and A' will also be used by your department for assessing presentation awards.

On Wednesday, April 21: judges will submit all departmental awardees, as well as "Best of" candidates for the synchronous Zoom meeting to be held on April 22. "Best of" candidates will be notified Wednesday evening so that they can prepare for Thursday's event.

On Thursday, April 22, at 4pm: "Best of" candidates will provide a 5 minute presentation of their research over Zoom, followed by 2 minutes of questions and answers. Following the "Best of" presentations, Departmental awards will be announced. Finally, "Best of the Best" will then be awarded to conclude the 2021 SSM "Poster" Session.


Send comments, suggestions, corrections, or additions to: Jason Vance