Research Matchmaking Session

The School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (SSME) at the College of Charleston encourages majors to engage in an undergraduate research project during their time at the College. Undergraduate research provides the aspiring scientist or mathematician an opportunity to experience the entire process of discerning new knowledge – from framing a hypothesis to determining how to test it, to what data to gather and how to analyze it, and finally, to reach a supportable conclusion. The research project allows the student to learn some of the methodology, equipment, software, analytical techniques, and presentation skills involved in the discovery and dissemination of research results. It also challenges the student’s self-motivation, independence, and critical thinking. It is not surprising that these projects often become career-setting or career-affirming. 

Each year, SSME holds a research matchmaking session focusing on undergraduates potentially interested in conducting research. The motivation for the event comes from the fact that many of our SSME majors find the most daunting step in pursuing an independent research project to be the first one – approaching a faculty member to inquire about research possibilities. CofC faculty, and those from neighboring institutions and agencies (such as MUSC, SCDNR, and NOAA), who are interested in recruiting and mentoring students in research projects declare their interest and make themselves available to discuss research opportunities. Hundreds of students have been placed in labs as a result of this event.

The 2022 Research Matchmaking Session will take place on 

Tuesday, October 4, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m, SSMEB Atrium

Downloadable directory of faculty and research projects